Hello! JR here 🙂

Last month, I had a wonderful opportunity to speak in front of BNI’s Ventura Chapter (a business networking organization). I love every opportunity to connect with fellow business owners and talk about what makes Concours Motors unique.

Our Team

What makes us different?

We know that we are working on a family’s car: a vehicle that takes you to work, to the grocery store; a car that takes your kids to school. Because of this, your safety is our utmost priority. Concours Motors is built on the concept of specialization; we hire only highly-trained specialty technicians who concentrate on select niche brands, which allows us to provide the best possible service to you and your vehicle.


We do what is right–not what is easy

At Concours, we only recommend the services you need, and we treat our customers like royalty. When you come in, you can enjoy our beverage station (with coffee and pastries), high-speed wi-fi, and a play area for your kids, all while your car is being serviced in the cleanest shop you have ever seen. If you don’t want to wait, our complimentary shuttle will give you a ride home, or whenever you’d like to go in town.

our shop

We stay current.

Keeping up with the times is very important to us. We perform digital inspections; our technicians use iPads to communicate the findings of your car, through images sent via email or text messages. We believe in total transparency; our exceptional technology allows us to show you what is going on with your car so that you are never left with unanswered questions.

digital vehicle inspections

We care about the environment. A lot.

We know we have a huge social responsibly. Automotive shops are usually thought of as dirty and bad for the environment. Not ours. Our floors are coated in epoxy, which means that nothing sinks into the ground. We catch everything—oil, coolant, metals, batteries—and dispose of it exclusively to companies that recycle. We don’t use paper towels, instead, we use rags that we wash and reuse. We use rechargeable batteries and our lights are high-efficiency.

we care about the environment

We give back.

Last year, we purchased a car one of our customers didn’t want to fix. In our spare time, we completely overhauled it, replaced every single broken part, and added new tires. Then, we collected nominations from the Ventura community, to help us decide who deserved the car. We wanted to give it to someone special; someone who needed a little nudge to “shine.” Marina was last year’s winner. You can watch the video here.

wheels to shine

We are currently accepting nominations for Wheels To Shine 2018; this is the car we are giving away!
wheels to shine 2018

We contribute.

Concours Motors has been singled out in national publications; we’ve been recognized by Congress for invaluable service to the community. For example, we donate equipment to the Santa Paula 4-H Youth Development Program. I often volunteer my time to work with local high schools, talking with young adults about different career opportunities within the transportation industry. Just a few months ago, I was awarded by VC Innovates for being a Pathfinder. 🙂

Pathfinder Award 2018

Thank you for being a valued customer of Concours Motors.

You make all of this possible by returning to our shop. We are truly grateful that you keep coming back, and we hope you’ll let us know if there is anything we can do to better assist you.

One more thing: as we mentioned above, this month we are offering $10.00 off any service, $15.00 off $100.00, $25.00 off $250.00, and $50.00 off $500.00 (this applies to any service, excluding tires.) Additionally, we are offering a free brake check through the end of September. If you’ve heard any funny noises or you’ve noticed that your brakes haven’t been quite as powerful recently, it’s a good idea to have them checked before the autumn rain begins!

You make all of this possible by returning to our shop. We are truly grateful that you keep coming back, and we hope you’ll let us know if there is anything we can do to better assist you.