We’re Giving Away Another Car: Wheels to Shine 2018

As a Ventura-based business for over 30 years, we are aware of how uniquely beautiful this community is—we live steps away from the beach and are surrounded by wonderful people. Because of this, it is very important for us to give back to our community, which we have done in many different ways (financially, co-sponsoring beach cleanups, speaking to students in high schools, etc.)

Then we realized — our mechanical skills are the most valuable thing we can give back to our community.

We actually can change someone’s life.

Wheels To Shine is an annual program we started in 2017, in which we donate a car to a deserving member of Ventura County. Last May, we gave a 2000 Volkswagen Golf to Marina Limon Porter, a formerly homeless single mother who works tirelessly on behalf of her family and community. This car changed Marina’s life, and, symbiotically, the lives of those around her. Thanks to Wheels to Shine, Marina was able to take on three jobs and play a bigger role in Step Up Ventura, a non-profit organization she supports.


This year, we are giving away another Volkswagen; we need YOUR help to determine who it goes to. Along with the car, Concours will donate one year of free service to the recipient.


This is an extraordinary opportunity to directly and immediately improve the life of someone committed to improving the lives of those around them. We can’t wait to meet this year’s recipient.

To nominate someone, please visit: