It seems obvious, but when you think about it — your car is one of the most important ways that you can contribute sustainability on this planet.

A Time Magazine article jokes that “Like Americans themselves, American cars are getting heavier and heavier every year, the average car in the U.S. weighed over 4,000 pounds in 2010, up from an average of 3,221 pounds in 1987.

That weight extra 800 pounds, as you can imagine, makes a huge difference in terms of fuel-efficiency and the carbon footprint you personally leave on this planet.

So, for Earth Day, here are some ways that you can get your car into the best shape it’s ever been — and reduce your personal impact on the planet (or enhance it, depending on how you look at it!).

Use green driving best practices
Driving technique has a lot to do with your fuel economy. Avoid sudden starts and stops and go the speed limit. Driving consistently puts a lot less pressure on your engine to get back up to speed every time you have to slow or stop.

Pumping up our tires is routine maintenance but it’s something lots of us will forget about until it becomes a problem. Just because your car is still driving okay doesn’t mean it couldn’t benefit from a top up of air and it’s free at many gas stations. If each time you top up your car with gas you also top it up with air, then you’ll use less fuel to travel the same distances and you’ll get around faster too.

When you look in your trunk, what do you see? Many people will find quite a lot of things. The thing about that is every single item effects fuel economy, costs you money, and makes an impact on the environment. So to increase fuel-efficiency, shed all the extra pounds!

The aerodynamics of your car refer to how easily it cuts through wind resistance. In other words if your car is shaped like an arrow, then it will have to fight less of a ‘wall’ of air than it would if it were shaped like a brick. Little things that can make your car more aerodynamic include keeping your windows up, avoiding cracks and chips in your auto glass, and not attaching anything to the car that protrudes in any way.

Sports car drivers of course will ‘strip’ their vehicles of anything unnecessary including their chairs and other items and will replace heavier materials with light carbon fiber which will allow them to go faster. If you want to be really eco-conscious then you could consider doing something similar, or at least take this factor into account when deciding whether you need that large sub woofer.

Shocks, breaks, pedals, exhaust, oil, and general maintenance of course increase the overall efficiency of your vehicle. This increases fuel efficiency and, of course, makes the biggest difference overall in making your car ultimately sustainable.

Come in and let us help!
With any and all of this, come into the shop and let us take a look at your car and recommend the best course of action for making your car Earth Day sustainable!

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