10 Simple Car Car Tips to Keep Your Car in GREAT Condition for a Long Time | Concours Motors Ventura
Concours Motors is a Specialty European Auto Shop in Ventura, CA.

That means we see a lot of really nice cars, every day. Want to know the difference between a really nice car that lasts a long time and every other car?

You guessed it. It’s the owner.

We want you to be one of those “lucky” owners who posts the 200,000 miles marker on Facebook with the status: “And still running strong!”

Here’s how you do it:

Tip 1: Get your oil changed every 5,000 - 7,000 miles and use a reliable brand

You’ve heard it before, I’m sure of it. “Engine oil is the lifeblood of your engine.” It keeps your car running. And when you let the same oil sit in your engine for too long, it can build up metals like oil that are insoluble and can cause major wear and tear on the parts of your engine, like the camshaft and cylinder liners. Long story short, changing your oil with good quality oil will ensure that what’s moving through your engine’s arteries and keeping it running well for a long time.

Want to learn more about it? This article made me laugh and explains it perfectly. 

Tip 2: Clean your car, inside and out, at least once a month and clean up bird poop or tree pollen off immediately

Did you know when you don’t wash your car for a while it can build up a residue that degrades the paint? Even on the interior of your car, the build-up of dirt and grime can eventually lead to situations (like stains) that are much more difficult to clean. And on the subject of bird poop and tree pollen, you probably already know that it’s very acidic, and you’ve got to get it off immediately or it can cause major damage to your paint job.

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Tip 3: Be a Good Driver

Obviously, right? 😉 The worst thing that can happen to your car is an accident that degrades its integrity. But what’s even worse is that many people don’t realize that the minute-to-minute decisions you make as a driver effect your car, every time you drive. Stay the speed limit. Every time you push your foot down on the gas your engine has to work harder, so coast as much as you can. This will also mean that you use your brakes less, so there’s less wear and tear there.

Check out this article from Edmund’s for more tips on how to drive to make your car last.

Tip 4: Check your tire pressure, keep the pressure right and the tires rotated

Even a tire that doesn’t appear to be low can have major impact on the overall handling of your car. This means your car is doing more work. And again, the more work your car does the harder it is on the parts. Not only that, but you’ll pay more for gasoline because you’ll be filling up more frequently.

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Tip 5: Get your brake pads checked at every service (at least every 10,000 miles)

This one’s simple. Unless you want to pay to replace your brakes, get your brake pads checked every 10,000 miles and definitely have your brakes checked if you feel like there’s something off. If they need to be replaced, do it immediately.

Tip 6: Change your air filter at least every 20,000 miles or every year

The air filter in your car is designed to trap damaging dirt and debris that can damage internal engine parts such as the cylinders and pistons. It’s amazing how much these debris can effect your engine; even a grain of sand can result in costly repairs.

The point? You don’t want anything getting past your air filter. So keep it clean! If you know you’ve driven 20,000 miles without replacing it, at least have it checked out to see if you need a replacement.

Here’s a great article about air filters and your engine: Why It’s So Important to Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Tip 7: Flush the cooling system and change coolant regularly

A coolant flush is essentially adding cleaner to your cooling system to eliminate any sediment or rust build up in your radiator. We also add antifreeze and conditioner to protect against corrosion. This protects your entire system: radiator, heat cores, hoses, water pumps, gaskets, coolant pipes. Clean, new fluid ensures that harmful contaminants are flushed out of your cooling system.

Tip 8: Know your vehicle’s scheduled regular maintenance, and get it done

Activity: Google the make, model, and year of your car + regular maintenance. [Example: 2013 bmw 3 series regular maintenance].

Follow it. You would be amazed what this will do for your car. At Concours Motors we have access to the regular maintenance schedule of every vehicle that comes into the shop, and all of our recommendations are based on that schedule plus any necessary repairs we find on the spot.

Tip 9: Wax your beautiful paint job at least once every six months

If you haven’t waxed your paint job in the past year do it or get it done! For less than $15 you can get everything you need to wax your car nicely: some Turtle Wax and a Micro Fiber cloth.

Tip 10: Get to know your mechanic

The simple fact is that your car needs a good bit of TLC to stay by your side for the long haul, so you want to be able to trust your mechanic. Anything that they recommend, it’s important that you trust (a) that they did a thorough inspection and are offering the best recommendations and (b) that they have your best interests in mind.

At Concours Motors we implemented digital inspections in late 2015, so we have the ability to send our customers images via email that actually show them what’s going on with their car. That has been amazing for us, as mechanics, because we’re able to demonstrate how important maintenance and repairs are, which has allowed us to take even better care of our customers and their cars.