A Paperless Shop.

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing in the new year with the ultimate move in sustainability: a paperless office. Well, more like a paperless shop.

Every technician has a tablet, and the service consultants you meet when you come in have a screen dedicated to the system, to show you everything the technician has documented.

This means that we don’t have to print a single sheet of paper except the ones required by law (which are few).

These days at the shop, work gets dispatched digitally — so its instant. Everyone who touches your car knows exactly what you told the service consultant when you came in (which you have an opportunity to double-check). No more hand-written notes. Technicians take pictures of everything so that you can see the problem and really understand what’s going on.

Not only will you see it, but all of the images associated with the repair will be sent to you, including images of future repairs your car may need labeled as “Good,” “Needs further attention,” or “Needs immediate attention.” This way you can see what your car needs and have a real sense of what you need to come in for, and when.

Another cool feature of entering the new digital world is that the entire team has an instant chat feature, so we don’t have to waste time walking to the office and waiting for the service consultant to hang up or finish with a customer.

Yes, we are nerding out over here at Concours Motors over our new toys. But you would have expected that, right?

To hear more about all of the steps we’ve taken to be sustainable, check out this blog post.