Summer Road Trip: Oil Change Service

When most people think of an oil change, they think of the old days when cars were more machinery and less electronics. The kind of oil change you get at the corner jiffy spot, as quick as a car wash.

These days, though, newer cars come with very specific factory recommendations that go into effect approximately every 7,500 miles (at the same time that they require regular oil changes).

When you come into Concours Motors for an oil change, we check into all of these recommendations and make sure that each of them is either accomplished or recommended to you. So, rather than a regular oil change (check fluids, flush, refill and replenish), we’re also doing a 45-point inspection, filling all the fluids under the hood, rotating your tires, checking your brakes, lights, and wipers, and generally ensuring that your vehicle is good to go for another 7,500 miles.

We use high-quality fluids for your specific model vehicle, and pay close attention to ensuring that your car is in it for the long-haul.

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