Concours Family
Right about now you may be wondering, why did Concours Motors publish a blog post about their employees’ health benefits?

It’s simple, really. When we started this business many years ago, we wanted it to be the best auto repair shop you could find — not just in Ventura, but anywhere. We wanted our customers to trust that if they came to Concours their car would be returned to them in an exceptional condition, with an extended warranty.

Just as importantly, we wanted you to know that we care about you and your family.

The only way to accomplish that was to hire good people — the kind that genuinely care about others and naturally want to take care of them.

Well, we did just that. We have been so grateful to our team for doing such consistently incredible work over the years. You might say we’re like a family.

And so, when we were able to take on health care benefits for each and every member of our team, so that they can be healthy and present with their families, it was cause for a major celebration.

So…this blog post is really a thank you to our incredible team. You guys are the best.

Also, we are grateful to have such a wonderful community of customers. Without you, there wouldn’t be a business. So in a way, you’re taking care of us, too. 🙂