Happy Earth Day month! One of the reasons we love April (asides from all the spring flowers) is because local businesses emphasize the importance of prioritizing the planet. Concours Motors is offering a free comprehensive sustainability inspection, in addition to discounted services including oil changes, alignments and leak repairs.

Environmental sustainability is extremely important to us. As an automotive repair shop, we understand that we have a huge social and environmental responsibility. Because of that, we coat our floors in epoxy, which means that nothing toxic sinks into the ground. We catch everything—oil, coolant, metals, batteries—and dispose of it exclusively to companies that recycle. We don’t use paper towels, instead, we use rags that we wash and reuse. We use rechargeable batteries and our lights are high-efficiency. We takes these steps because we want to be part of a globally responsible movement to improve the planet’s health. Automotive repair shops are often thought of as dirty or bad for the environment—not ours.

Your car is the key to a more sustainable lifestyle. The distance you drive and your car’s efficiency are two factors that can and will change the environment. Bring your vehicles in for free sustainability inspections, and we’ll make sure you are taking the best care of our planet. 🙂