Gerardo Luna JR

Gerardo Luna (better known as JR), is currently the president and service adviser for Concours Motors. He has been in the professional automotive service industry since 1995. In his 19 years of professional automotive experience, Gerardo has performed or supervised over 50,000 repairs. He is a Master Technician and has multiple certifications from ASE, including service adviser, Bosch, IMACA, and the State of California. He continues his training in shop administration and new car technology. Gerardo attended community college and trade institutes for automotive technology. He also holds a B.A. in business management from the University of Phoenix. His burning desire is to have the best automotive service and repair shop in Ventura County, where quality work and customer service is a daily way of doing business. During his his time off, he enjoys attending his boys’ sports events, loves to mountain bike, camp and hike.

Phil Sylvester

Phil Sylvester is our store manager. Phil developed a love for cars and tools when he was young. He rebuilt and modified his truck to his liking before he could even drive. Because of his shop class achievements in high school, Phil was awarded a merit scholarship to Ohio Auto Diesel Tech. Phil has worked at a Mercedes Benz dealership for over 13 years and became an assistant team leader. He also worked at BMW of North America for several years, where he was the West Coast Press Car technician, and achieved a  Certified Tech status for Mclaren F1. He is a well-rounded technician and service writer, and continues to take classes in both fields. Phil has 26 years of combined experience. He is very personable, and communicates extremely well with our customers and staff. During his time off, he enjoys spending time with his family, horseback-riding, off-road driving with his Jeep and volunteering at his son’s 4H club.

Rita Luna

Rita Luna is our office support team. She keeps our lights on and our accounting in line. Rita has an accounting degree from Oxnard College, attended Cal Lutheran and has over 18 years of accounting experience. Her previous jobs include being a corporate accountant for a major college in the county, and a staff accountant for a local bank. Without her we couldn’t do our jobs or get paid. Rita has a positive attitude and is always smiling. When not working, Rita enjoys spending time with her two boys and husband, she volunteers at their schools, and enjoys hiking and working out.

Gary Gill

Gary Gill is not your average service writer. He raced half midget class when he was growing up, competing in Portland, Canada. When he was 12 he made it to Nationals. After graduating Camarillo high school, Gary attended UTI and made the Dean’s list as well as graduating top of his class with a 4.0 GPA. He began his professional technician career at Mercedes where he became a Master Technician. After several years, he moved to Mini Cooper where he was well-trained in that make. He decided to make a change and joined Concours as a technician. A few years later, we moved Gary into the office as a service writer. He still races occasionally—he loves snowboarding and playing soccer. Gary is great at his job, and an all-around team player.

Mariusz Malejewski

Mariusz Malejewski is an ASE Master Technician and holds an Associate Degree in automotive technology from Santa Barbara Community College. Mariusz brings over 17 years of exclusive European experience to our shop. He is passionate about European vehicles, in fact, he became a technician solely to work on German cars. He has a great sense of humor and a positive attitude. He’s very detail-oriented and prides himself on fixing cars right—the first time. Mariusz loves when a car challenges him, and lives to find the problem; this is what makes him a great technician. During his time off, he enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with his wife and child.

Greg Flores


Greg has professionally worked on luxury automobiles for 14 years. His love for mechanics started when he was young. At 13, he rebuilt his dirt bike—as an avid dirt bike rider, working on motorcycles not only was a valuable skill; it tapped into Greg’s great love of fixing things. He enjoyed finding out how things worked, how to put them together and take them apart. After graduating from Camarillo high school, he attended UTI’s Automotive Technology Program where he obtained an automotive degree. Greg’s ability to problem-solve and his passion for working on cars quickly landed him jobs at dealerships across California, including Hummer and Land Rover. Greg is very knowledgeable and committed to his career. During his spare time, he off-road races his own open-class desert truck—he’s really, really good at it. Greg is a valuable asset and pleasure to have on our team.


Brian Williams

Brian was in high school when he was first exposed to mechanics. Welding shop, machine shop, and auto shop were some of his favorite classes. After high school he attended Ventura College and in 1978 and got his fist automotive job at an independent German shop. He worked with Porsche and Volkswagen specialists for some time until eventually he opened his own garage called “German Car Specialist”, which he ran and operated for 15 years. He decided to change it up, working at the VW dealership for 18 years, which is where he achieved his rank as a Master VW Technician. During his time away from the shop, Brian enjoys skiing and hiking in the Sierras where he owns a vacation home.

Jose D. Macias Ferrer

Jose has been into vehicles since he was 9-years-old, when he played with RC cars and love mountain bikes. He was always taking things apart and making them better. While he was in high school he took auto shop and loved it. He then attended the Universal Technical Institute and received the top student award. After graduation he went to work for Nissan, achieving Master Technician status. He then worked for Honda and took all the education necessary to achieve Elite status. Besides being an awesome person and a great employee, Jose is very responsible and knowledgeable. When he’s not at the shop he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and spending time with his family.